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Wrongful Death | Our Attorneys Can Help

If you have lost your spouse, child or other family member due to someone else's negligence or intentionally harmful act, you have legal options. Discuss your right to recovery from a wrongful death situation during a free initial consultation with an attorney at our Chicago office.

The loss of a loved one in a fatal accident is an emotionally trying experience. Many individuals also feel angry when a family member died because of someone's carelessness. Legally it is not simply carelessness-it is negligence and you can sue for compensation for your loss.

Our firm handles fatal accident and accidental death claims stemming from a wide variety of personal injury situations, including:

While no amount of money can make up for your loss, it can help make up for lost income, medical costs, and give you some additional financial resources. While we work to settle wrongful death cases outside of court, your case is in the hands of experienced trial lawyers should court become a necessity. We make every effort and exhaust all options available to ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your loss.