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Truck Accident Victims | Our Lawyers Can Help

Truck accidents involving semi-tractor trailers are among the most serious on the road. Our lawyers know that people with serious injuries should not have to add financial worries to their burdens. We help injured people get the compensation they need and deserve so they can focus on their recovery from the trucking accident.

Large truck accident injuries, whether caused by an 18-wheeler or a dump truck, are frequently very serious or deadly. The lawyers at the Chicago-based Law Firm of George L. Tamvakis have helped people suffering from brain injury, paraplegia, quadriplegia, amputation, and broken bones. Such injuries are very costly to the victim, and include hospital bills, physician expenses, prescription costs, bills from therapists and rehab specialists, and charges from in-home care providers. Truck accident victims are frequently unable to work, adding lost income to the other expenses of a trucking accident injury.

Truck accidents are frequently fatal to drivers of smaller vehicles. Our personal injury law practice represents families of victims who have died in truck accidents. While we know there is no amount of money that could ever adequately compensate for the loss of a loved-one, we fight to obtain compensation in order to ease the family's financial burden.