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Our Work Injury Attorneys Answer Your Questions

A. Who should the injured employee notify of his or her accident?

The employee must inform the employer of a work injury immediately. Our attorney's stress that any delay in notification may result in the delay of benefits. A delay of more than 45 days may result in the complete denial of the entire claim. Notice to a non-management co-worker is not considered notice to the employer.

B. What should the notice include?

The law requires that the employee notify the employer of the date and place of the accident.

C. What is the best form of notice?

The best form of notice is a written and dated notification of the accident to the employer. A copy of the notification should be retained by the employee for his or her records.

D. What should the injured worker do after notice is given?

The injured worker should seek immediate medical attention if he or she has not done so already. The injured worker should also keep the employer informed of their medical status: i.e. whether they are under doctor's care, and/or whether the doctor is restricting them from work.

E. Is there any other notification that should be given to employer?

If the injured worker's doctor is restricting the employee from work, such information should be put in writing by the doctor and given to the employer and or the insurance carrier.