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Estate Planning

Our firm handles a variety of estate planning matters, including planning for the distribution of an individual's property at his or her death and taking into account wills, taxes, insurance, property, and trusts so as to gain the maximum benefit of all laws, which, at the same time, carrying out the person's wishes.


Probate is the legal process by which a person's debts are paid and assets are distributed upon her or his death. Individual state laws direct the probate court how to distribute the deceased's estate. It is important to consult a firm with expertise in this area of the law to ensure the deceased's assets are distributed correctly.


A will is a person's declaration of how one wants their property dispersed after death. Because there are complex regulations regarding the validity of a draft in IL will. Our office continually reviews changes in the rules to be sure your wishes can be honored after your death.


In order to establish a secure and regular income for loved ones left behind, many clients seek advice on trust establishments and administration. By maintaining your assets in a trust, you can minimize taxes and leave a larger inheritance. The use of a trust is also a way to provide a steady income to the beneficiary over the course of time, rather than distribution in a lump sum. This strategy can reduce the beneficiary's tax and allow the trust to grow through investment. Trusts can also be established that allow charitable organizations to benefit.

Land Trusts

Illinois is only one of a few states that recognize land trusts a land trust is a way to hold title to real property to avoid probate. Our office will explain whether it is best for someone to place their property in trust and if someone assist in the entire procedure.