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Workers Compensation Medical Benefits

A. Can the employee choose his or her own treating doctor or hospital?

Yes, an employee may choose his or her own treating doctor or hospital when claiming workers compensation medical benefits. However, an employee may be required to obtain treatment from a doctor or hospital selected by the employer.

B. Is the employer required to pay all the medical bills?

If the treatment provided is reasonable and necessary to cure or relieve the employee from the effects of the injury, and the provider of the medical services has given the employer the information required by law, the employer is required to pay the reasonable charges.

C. Is the employer entitled to their own medical evaluation of the injured employee?

Yes. If an employee claims to be entitled to workers compensation medical benefits, the employer can request that the injured employee submit to a medical examination by a doctor of the employer's choosing. This is called an Independent Medical Examination.

Additionally, the employer is required to pay for the mileage incurred by the injured employee while attending the medical examination.

An employee's refusal to submit to an Independent Medical Examination can result in the loss of benefits.