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Family Law

Our expert Divorce and Family Law attorneys, based in Chicago, handle a full range of Family Law matters including adoption, divorce, separation, premarital agreements, paternity, custody and visitation, and support. You need the expertise of a firm with the knowledge and sensitivity to deal with the special problems that may arise from family law matters. Our attorneys have years of experience in family law.


Many matters arise when a marriage is to be dissolved and you need help to find your way to an agreeable settlement. As your legal representative, we have the experience and creativity to understand the difficulties that arise and the flexibility to help you discover new ways to cope during this stressful time.

Custody and Visitation

Divorce is traumatic for parents and children. When deciding where the children should live or searching for the right visitation schedule, each party should have an attorney who knows the law and is sensitive to the concerns of both adults and children.

Child Support

You need proactive representation to help you obtain the correct amounts of monetary support due your child.


Adoptive parents accept all the challenges, rights and responsibilities of parenthood. The adoption process can be a maze of legal twists and turns. We know what it takes to navigate the adoption process quickly and efficiently and can help you bring your new family together with minimum delay.