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Compensation Benefits

A. What is Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Benefits?

Temporary Total Disability benefits are paid to the injured employee who must lose time from work to recover from a work-related injury. It is necessary for the injured worker to provide medical documentation, substantiating his or her inability to work.

B. When do TTD benefits begin?

TTD benefits are not paid for the first three work days lost after an injury, unless the disability continues for 14 or more calendar days.

C. How is the amount of TTD determined?

The benefit is two-thirds (66 2/3%) of the employee's gross average weekly wage, subject to certain limits. The average is based on the employee's wages during the year before the injury. The rate is fixed at the time of the injury, and does not change with changes in the employee's salary or the statewide average weekly wage.

D. What is permanent partial disability benefits?

Permanent partial disability benefits (PPD) are paid only if the job-related injury results in the permanent loss or loss of use of a part of the body or whole body.

PPD benefits will be only paid after the employee's condition had reached a point where it will not improve anymore.